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    Bringing together hyper-targeted,
    LGBTQ online advertising
    together with
    Social Media, User-Generated Content
    and Original Content by
    Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers
    and YouTube Content Creators

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For the first time, we can automatically target LGBTQ travelers who have already expressed an interest in traveling to YOUR DESTINATION...
now that's a warm lead!

Be a part of the LGBTQ conversation! Is your LGBTQ Marketing putting YOU and YOUR DESTINATION at the CENTER of LGBTQ Conversations online? Let us help AMPLIFY your message to a BROADER LGBTQ online audience, keeping your PRIDE message alive 24/7, 365 days per year!

With so many world-class destinations marketing themselves to the LGBTQ traveler today, it's important for some of these destinations to stand out amongst the crowd. For these select few, the following is a 3-pronged approach to doing just that, with a strategy developed over the past few years that taps into the growth of targeted, programmatic ad buying, along with the maturation and overall acceptance of social media in society today. Our strategy consists of:

  1. Targeted, Programmatic Advertising - reach your destination's LGBTQ traveler using some of the latest techniques in the integration of technology with online advertising, on websites, mobile apps and social media newsfeeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn). Specifically, we can hyper-target an LGBTQ traveler who has shown a specific interest in YOUR destination, or perhaps in similar cruises, hotel chains, restaurants or attractions.

  2. Social Media, including LGBTQ Travel Writers, Bloggers, YouTube Content Creators & Influencers - we can monitor any and all conversations, articles and blog postings related to your destination and ensure your organization has its "share of voice" and is part of these online conversations. We can also help you tap into the expanding world of LGBTQ media and individuals who can help destinations spread the word as well.

  3. User-Generated Content (UGC) campaign - We curate, engage with and share THE BEST in LGBTQ conversations (photos, videos and blog posts) by others traveling in your destination. Other content we engage with are from those attending a local Pride festival or other event of LGBTQ interest in your region.
    By engaging and sharing with these LGBTQ travelers online, we put you and your destination at the center of these conversations, increasing your destination's brand awareness, social media followers, click-throughs to your website and overall engagement with your social media posts.

Some Recent Sample Client Work
LGBTQ Influencer Programs We've Done Recently

Take a look at some of the programs we managed with clients over the past few years,
incorporating LGBTQ influencer content with targeted Facebook & Twitter advertising.

Laguna & Orange County Pride

We had 3 LGBTQ influencers on this trip, sponsored and hosted by the folks at Visit Laguna. They captured content and footage throughout the entire weekend, including both Orange County Pride and the Laguna Beach Pride Party held on Sunday, June 25th. This content was brought together into a single blog post, which was then promoted via Facebook & Twitter's hyper-targeted advertising opportunities, reaching a focused LGBTQ audience that has shown a distinct interest in Laguna Beach and Orange County events and activities.
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Comcast California and San Francisco Pride

That same weekend, on behalf of Comcast California, we teamed up with the folks at GayClubTV to capture photo & video footage of Comcast California's San Francisco Pride presence, including interviews at their booth with the ever-popular Farrah Moan, as well as their presence in the San Francisco Pride Festival held that Sunday. Some of this content was published live via Facebook & Twitter, as well as compiled and edited into a high quality video on YouTube. The final blog post was then promoted via Facebook & Twitter, targeting the LGBTQ Northern California communities served by Comcast in that area.
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LGBTQ Content Marketing


We start with...





Which come from...
Your Content + Influencers, Bloggers & Writers
(we coordinate this for you!)


Is placed on...

Targeted Facebook

Social Media




...and is monitored and measured!

Twitter Performance

Hashtag Performance




All designed to put YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION
at the center of these LGBTQ Conversations online!

Pride Festivals

Business Events

Conversations in your Industry & Region


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